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Thermal Mapping of Exhaust Manifold

Thermal Mapping of Exhaust Manifold DVA with its specialised experience has developed methodology to map the temperature and gradient across flow path of exhaust manifold. The critical design of exhaust manifold for different material or wall thickness need good prediction of thermal flow. The CAE prediction can be calibrated by welding specially designed temperature sensors […]

Residual Stress Measurement

Residual Stress Measurement Existing residual stresses from manufacturing process cannot be determined by FEA calculation. The magnitude of residual stresses can be essential and impact the analytical reliability analysis. DVA carries Residual Stress Measurement Test to evaluate the manufacturing process like method of Casting etc., stress pocket and many more things to improve the strength […]

Radiator Efficiency and Optimisation Test

Radiator Efficiency and Optimisation Test The aim of cooling component and its circuitry design is to select and harmonise the Heat balance and optimise the Power it will consume. The vehicle packaging and application matters lot while selecting and designing the cooling circuit. DVA, with its subject expertise & best in class measuring devices such […]

Strain Gauging, Measurement and Post Analysis

DVA provides strain gauging, measurement and post analysis services. Functional testing such as analytical testing to understand the stress and strain developed in parts under engine fire condition. Feed back on component loads in running conditions. Residual Stress Measurement Evaluation of change in material, process and thereby the cost for reducing product development time.