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  • Hawk-Eye

    – Solution for Critical Failures

    Our Hawk Eyes will catch the devil lied in detail…

    No matter how critical failure you are facing in product development, we are always ready, with sleeves pulled up, to work out a solution.

    To find and resolve cause of failure we define a strategic approach that is based on our Knowledge, Experience & Test Libraries which is further sharpened by Lateral Thinking.

    The Hawk-Eye solution can be comprised of both Consultancy and Testing & Validation Services.

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  • Technical Manpower Training

    There is a constant need of technically trained hands in automotive Industry, which can be directly deployed on the job. The heavy turn around of experienced staff costs high in terms of time and efforts while further delaying streamlined activities.

    To overcome this we offer special short and long term courses for your employees. They get practical hands on training and deep understanding of the subject.

    If you have any special need, let us know, for we can specially design a long duration continuos program for you.

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  • Consultancy for Test Bed Development

    We can provide consultancy & extended solutions for building of complete test cells.

    With experience of 50 test beds in various OEMs, we have derived certain approach and methodology for designing most optimised test beds. Also our in-house innovation facilities supports it.

    Our field experience in testing keeps us clear about deliverables of each equipment and facility we intend to install and thus makes sure that everything comes Practical…

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